Save Hours of Frustration And Make The Task of...
Product Development and Project Development Easier!

Writer's Friend V2 is easy-to-use, simple software
developed for writers and project developers,
by a writer and project developer, to make
writing and project development easier.

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"Writing, developing products and developing projects is easier, once you have this software!"


"Writer's Friend made writing my last letter a breeze!"

"Instead of staring at the screen until blood started to form on my brow - from waiting for the right words to come - a few clicks of the mouse and Writer's Friend had me on my way!"

"Compiling a list of tips for my 'Tips Book' sure was easy with Writer's Friend!"

"Writer's Friend has removed the struggle to come up with those long-forgotten sayings and quotes. Now that I use this software I can see why it's such a great tool!"


Writer's Friend enables you to...

    * Store your favorite quotes, sayings and other text-bytes
    * Find the headlines and phrases you need
    * Save any new headlines and phrases you come across
    * Save hours of time trying to come up with the right words
    * Keep your project concepts, ideas, outlines and thoughts in one place
    * Access your frequently used text quickly and easily
    * Save website URLs with your own descriptions
    * Create a Classified Ad "swipe" list
    * Store "Names and email addresses" or "Names and numbers"
    * Create a list of "Tips"
    * Make a "To Do" list and remove the items as you do them
    * Store paragraphs of text you find while surfing the 'net
    * Create a list of selling sentences and phrases
    * Store good (motivating) P.S.s
    * Keep readily-accessible notes on the books and reports you read
    * Store contact details of associates, supply sources, resources, etc.

"You get all this from software developed by a person who
uses it in his own business and while doing his own work!"


Excellent Software - Great Price!

This easy-to-use software can save you hours of frustration. If you do any kind of writing (letters, resumes, books, booklets, reports, manuals, fiction, non-fiction, screen, theater, TV, movies, news, sales copy, scientific, etc.), any kind of product development or any kind of project development, and you want to make the task easier, then...

Order your own, personal copy of "Writer's Friend V2" today. It's only $19.95 and comes with a One Year Money-Back Guarantee so you have NO RISK (Try it for one whole year, and if you don't believe it is useful, get your money back. Plain & Simple).

If you do any kind of writing, any kind of product development or any kind of project development, you need this software.

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